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Our vision is to build the fastest growing construction management software for developers and general contractors in the Nordic countries by the end of 2022.

Nordic construction technology company

During the past years we have been operating with the European construction industry leaders and noticed that the business and project management currently struggles with leading their processes. This is mostly due to following factors:

• Disconnected information flow between projects and people
• The construction business aims to move from the project business to process business
• Numerous software solutions that are completely separated from each other
• Current software solutions are mostly built for engineers, not for business people
• Many of the current technologies in use are outdated

We have identified 3 main drivers for successful construction project: 1. Development 2. Procurement 3. Project management
The real estate and construction industry has been struggling with the productivity problem for several decades. According to the McKinsey & Company one of the seven main solutions to this is infusing technology and innovation to the equation. We founded Builderhead as a digital business and software development partner for the real estate and construction companies. Our solution is a construction management software that integrates the development, procurement and construction. Instead of building a monolithic ERP that includes a vast amount of features and functionalities, we focus on creating the core features to secure a successful project. The system is being build modularly and will integrate with other key software in the construction business. The main user groups of the system are the development, project management and procurement people.

Our mission is to drive the real estate and construction industry to become sustainable and productive with cutting-edge software solutions. Our values are Joy, Humanity and Drive.

Our team

Sami Kivensalo

Sami Kivensalo has more than 10 years of experience in growing different businesses of both start-ups and large corporations and has been successfully working in sales & marketing, product development and management roles. As a CEO and Co-Founder of Builderhead his current role is to work with the construction of a financial base, business model design, team building, customer acquisition and brand creation. Sami’s emphasis is on the existing customer projects and delivery of the value proposition.

+358 44 506 0985

Julius Tuomikoski

Julius Tuomikoski is a seasoned sales & marketing and management professional with an entrepreneurial background. The past two years he has been working at the forefront of most innovative building and construction companies in Finland, witnessing the changes the industry is currently facing. As a Co-Founder of Builderhead his current role is also to work with the construction of a financial base, business model design, team building, customer acquisition and brand creation. Julius’ emphasis is on finding the new customer projects and defining the market need.

+358 50 522 1264

Sven Laater

Sven Laater has more than 10 years of experience in working for startups and starting new companies. As an entrepreneur and engineer who has worked on databases, UI, UX, back end services, mobile development and CI/CD he has always been involved in not just developing features but building a product. As the CTO of Builderhead his current role it to build a development team, culture and practices to successfully and efficiently build Builderhead construction management software.


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