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project development, procurement & construction

Builderhead helps builders and contractors manage their construction projects profitably from the start.

Project Development

We ensure conditions for successful projects

With Builderhead, you lead project development successfully. Our features ensure that for each project, the tasks, metrics and criteria required by your company are met. This reduces risks and improves the profitability of projects. 


  • Transparency to the entire project portfolio at a glance
  • A ready-made process model that Builderhead helps to follow
  • The common environment for the whole project development team

Project overview

From Builderhead, you can instantly see the size, situation, and progress of the entire project portfolio.

Steps and criteria

The common process model makes sure that your project won’t continue before all milestones are reached.

Analytics and monitoring

Monitor project progress and identify risk projects in advance.


The efficient and transparent procurement process

In Builderhead’s procurement system, you create procurement packages and track their progress until you receive quotes. The supplier register helps the procurement team to select from the right partners.


  • The procurement team’s use of time becomes more efficient
  • More offers thanks to the supplier register
  • Shortening the offer period

Procurement planning

Build a common knowledge base for your team and save on planning costs.

Management of the bidding process

Send requests for quotations and receive quotations in one system.

Event log

Track procurement progress and actions from one place.

Task Manager

Critical project management tasks

With Builderhead’s Task Manager features, you ensure that critical tasks are implemented according to your company’s project model. The person in charge, the time limit and the status of the task can be seen from the tasks. 


  • The common operating model will be taken to the task level
  • A snapshot of the critical tasks of project development and project activities and their progress

What do our customers say about us?

We want to provide the best construction management software on the market for small and medium construction companies. This means an in-depth understanding of the business processes of our customers and partners.

“Builderhead is exactly what we have been looking for. They provide software that serves the business needs of the construction industry.”

Jorma Kilpeläinen, CEO,  SSA Project

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